Best TV show ever.

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U know how in winter it gets so cold and u think u will never be hot again and in summer it gets so hot u think u will never be cold again I think that is how it is with ur feelings like when u r sad u think u will never be happy and when u r happy u think u will never be sad. But u will be hot again and u will be cold again and u will be sad again but most of all u will be happy again

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On fame: “People feel like they know you when you’re in their living room, weekly, for five years. But I always get uncomfortable when people know more about me than I know about them.”

On fashion: “I was not a girly-girl growing up….I liked fashion, but I wasn’t very fashion savvy. I didn’t always have all the best outfits….For a while there, we actually shopped at The Salvation Army.”

About her on red carpet: “It doesn’t feel real because I don’t live in that world. When I go to those events, I’m in town specifically for that, and then I leave later that night. I’ve maybe stayed for the after-party once, ever. It still feels like I’m a fan, in a way. A lot of people are very cynical and very jaded, but I’m not there yet.”

On acting in a comedy: “It’s terrifying. I can get to an emotional place and start crying, but there’s pressure when you think you have to be funny….You really have to be uninhibited and fearless.”

Nina Dobrev // Nylon Magazine August 2014 Issue.

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“I thought I was a hero for you. Instead I’m the a b o m i n a t i o n .
                          After all my clever talk, it turns out that I’m the monster.”

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"What’s the difference?” I asked him. “Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?”

“One is a choice, and one is not."

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“If I don’t survive,” I say, “tell Tobias I didn’t want to leave him.” 

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"Now are you 100% sure that this is a girl and not an animal?" … "How do we turn a coyote back into a girl, when she hasn’t been a girl for 8 years?

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You’re like a little, small, brown eyed floppy eared puppy that no one can resist.

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